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October 31, 2007


Friend #3

Need me to play the bongos? I can do a very cool flourish at the end.


Well I'll never. It seems we have a synchronicity in "bondage iron lung". I got two hits from that.

I wonder what this means? Hmn...

BTW, must you have that mortgage countdown widget to the right? I find it depressing, frankly.


I hope you're wearing a beret and are dressed in all black for the poetry reading.


Friend #3 - You have to wear all black. Catherine says.
Jamon - It doesn't give you hope? I have a massive home improvement loan that will never be paid off. Focus on that!
Catherine - a slouchy yarn beret!


Yes, that makes me feel better. Thankyou.

Hot Mom


You're going to be the next American Poet Laurette. What's next?

Toe porn.
Spread toes.
Toe porn.

It's like a Police song about toe porn.


Jamon - I live to serve.
Hot Mom - "Toe! Toe! Cha! Porn! Oooooeeeeoooo"

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