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October 25, 2007



In all sincerity, I hope things work out well for you, sweetie... {{{hugs}}}


Isn't it ironic how sometimes it's gratifying to have people recognize that you're not exaggerating and that you're really not in great health? I'm excited for your having this new possibility and I genuinely hope that it goes great for you.

Best of luck, be sure and keep us updated on this.


Okay, let's see....my arms have turned blue and don't seem to be working right. Am I ill?

Why yes! I am.

Isn't it funny/ridiculous/hard-headed of us in general to think we're exaggerating when there's nothing wrong and denying when there is.

I had a doctor walk into the examining room once and say to me bluntly, "You are very, very ill" (I got better) and I said, "NO I'M NOT!"


Sue - I think I will be just fine, don't you?
Katie - And, you have my best wishes in your quest for health.
Becs - Here's what I found difficult. I had to get used to the idea that I go to the doctor so I can take care of myself. For a while I thought the doctor would be taking care of me. Same with nurses. Quite an adjustment.


I shall cross everything crossable for you. It's always amazed me that unlike insulin or antibiotics, which have an instant effect, MS meds are taken on faith that they will keep the disease from getting worse.

Thank you so much for being willing to help find new ways to treat MS.


Jammies - The thing I like is that as long as you take any MS meds, you can tell yourself if you weren't taking it you would be so much worse. Kind of reverse/perverse pessimism.


I've always thought it was crazy that to be in a drug study, you have to be ill enough to be considered for the study, well enough to survive the study, and then not be taking anything for your symptoms currently.

It's a total catch-22, since, of course if you're ill enough, you're going to most likely be prescribed SOMETHING for the illness, right? But then you can't be taking anything if you want to be in the study! Aigh!

You are awesome for taking the leap of faith to test out something new. I hope it works. Here's to remission!


styro - I thought the same thing - Its a Catch 22. Luckily, if you wait long enough, you run out of drugs, and then you're a perfect candidate. Actually, the FTY720 has another trial going on right now that lets you take Avonex along with the FTY720.

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