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October 30, 2007


Friend #3

Bullet 2 - You have my support, girl. :-)
Bullet 5 - Wise, tree-hugging choice. :-)
Bullet 6 - If Michelle isn't billable, ask her to build one? Or I think there's a flash template out there on the Internets.
Bullet 7 - Just tell Hot Steve how Libby helped you to feel your way around Starbuck's yesterday.

Off to bed! Bye!


Okay, I'm cool with all the other bullets but the mortgage thing. I don't hate you for it but I am sooo jealous.


I've been having a NaBloPoYear for the past two-and-a-half, I think.


I finally got used to the idea of posting every day for a month (I joined NaBloPoMo based solely on your cool button and was sadly disappointed when that button wasn't the one I got), and now you're thinking about making it a year?

I fold!


Friend #3 - Ha! You mean when she got all sarcastic when I couldn't see the beauty in the textured coffee mug and ran my hand over it like I was Helen Keller? And then when I groped her face to "see" if she was laughing?
Becs - Just a fluke really. A fluke and complacence.
Kathy - I think you are right! And with multi-blogs now, too.
Faythe - Well, I had the default badge till I saw Kathy's, above. Isn't there a badges thing at the top? Click the badge to go to Nanoetc, then click HTML badges. (Badges! We don' need no stinkin' badges!)

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