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October 14, 2007



I can't read the name "Oliver Sacks" without seeing Robin Williams's face. I still want to read that book (I didn't realize he was still writing -- or alive). The concept sounds fascinating.

Friend #3

You can't love music and not have a soul. Oliver Sacks is full of crap.


I have the mp3 of the Alanis clip, if you'd like it. It's the same clip they used for the video--probably from the same place I got it.

(Sorry, I'm a House nerd.)


Kathy - He has a chapter in Man/Wife/Hat on people with temporal lobe issues who hear loud music. They seem to be permitted to have souls. People with amnesia don't fare so well.
Friend #3 - What if you don't love soul music?
Erin - I saw a grainy you tube video of the song live, but I wanted the better quality. I can't wait for the whole song to come out. Given they haven't named her new album, it might be a long wait. My favorite House line (after "The bad kind of MS, not the fun kind with the balloons and wheelchair races") was in this season's premiere when the janitor offers "Lupus?" That killed me. It's ALWAYS an autoimmune disease, every episode.


I love House.
I like music, but I'm not good about who or what, I just know if I hear something I try and find it on iTunes or something and buy the single. Not so much into albums now that it is so easy to buy the singles. Back in the "olden days" I had tons of records (LPs) and then CD's... now I have lots of singles.

Friend #3

And, yes, I did see this on the CBS website. Holy crap!


Sue - But then, what about the songs you don't like until you hear them five or six times? You only get them with a CD.
Friend #3 - I KNOW.

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