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October 18, 2007



I almost bought those chips, but the price steered me back to the Lays.


Those look like tasty chips. And I like both suckmahballz and eatmahcurleez. Can I use them? :)


I like curly chips better, too. :) Also: the link for the Alanis song should be the link for my name, if that makes sense.


That's cool that Autumn asked permission, because I decided that I liked "suckmahballz" so much yesterday that I used it all night long without permission. In essence, I basically said "permission can suckmahballz".


You can have all my curlies. I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to my chips. Although I'm not above eating the crumbs at the bottom of the bag. So maybe I'm not.


Eatmahcurleez is genius.

My own chip ownership relates to bubbles, ideally kettle chips with bubbles - but I also dig folded ones, and these Spudmasters look like the most awesome special-purpose savory snacks since Pop Knots, which were a can full of nothing but popcorn old maids, with optional seasonings. Brilliant.


Kathy - GARY even commented on the price. I believe my response was to point at the big curly in the window and whimper.
Autumn - Of course, suckmahballz is from South Park. I think you should say "eatmahcurleez" often. My goal is to get it in the Urban Dictionary.
Erin - Yes, if I click "Erin" it goes to the Alainis song download. Cool! I trust you so much I downloaded it at work.
Christy - Ha! SuckMahBallz, Christy!
Marriage-101 - Okay, but these chips also have Pure Chips the Size of Your Head. It's scary. Not that I'm pimping these chips. they seem like they're flavored with Mrs. Dash instead of salt.
Tracy27 - Oh, if I find one with a curl and a bubble I know Ive scored.

Hot Mom

My husband is quite fond of "suckmahballz." He LHAO.

Oh, by the way, he's been reading your blog. What amazes me is that he actually told me about it.


Hot Mom - Why, it's like he is embarrassed to read my blog? Oooohhh...it's the toe porn. He must like it. I didnt know that about you guys.


I've been conditioned. Now everytime I eat potato chips I reach out to hand the folded ones to.... no one if you're not around.


Caroline - I'm sure they wouldnt go stale if you saved them for me.

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