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October 10, 2007


Chris Cactus

I'm pretty convinced Home Depot is evil.


I think we bought the same shelves.


I used to do a little bit of work at home, but I can't make myself do it now. We need a handyman to do all the things "the man of the house" is supposed to do.


I almost bought the same shelves, but then realized the cutting-to-fit part and walked out. Because I'd rather endure the 45 minute checkout line at Wal-Mart to buy similar shelves that are 6 inches too short and have pokey-outy edges and wiggles to the left and right and complain about them than actually try to do something right the first time.

On the upside, they were cheaper than the Home Depot ones, and you didn't have to buy a set of 48 screws.


I got the kind that are mounted on brackets you screw into the wall studs. They shelves are wood-ish. They work great.

I hate wire shelves. HATE. With a blinding, air-crisping, cat-scaring, Husband-leaving-the-house, white hot, burning sort of hatred. I've got them in all the closets and once we move, we will NOT have them ever, ever, EVER again.



Chris Cactus - I like to think that when the salespeople at HD get to hell and beg for a glass of water, Satan will ask, "What are you going to use that for?"
sue - I've always wanted to buy Mom those shelves, but as she reminds me she cant lift her arms. I keep forgetting.
ajooja - Gary gets enraged if I hire handymen. he feels emasculated. He prefer that I do all the home improvement labor.
tasterspoon - I feel that overloading the cheap shelves make them wiggle less.
Sherri - Yes, I hate wire shelves too. I am waiting till this house is old enough that the wire shelves and popcorn ceiling are retro.


Well, I should explain.

Not once, but TWICE, have the wire shelves in our closet collapsed. Once they did it while I was in the closet innocently gathering laundry. Damn things just snapped, and (honest) they weren't even at the 'oops I think they are ripping out of the wall' stage. They just said "Hell, we're wire shelves! Let's GO!"



Sherri - Yep, the wire shelves that were formerly attached to the wall in the laundry room leapt at the washer repairman. He swore he didnt do anything to provoke them.


What you need is a good plasma cutter! It would solve all of your wire shelf problems and is so much fun to use. Flames shooting out of a pistol grip, yeah baby!


Judith - only YOU have the balls to carve up metal with a plasma cutter. The reciprocating saw scares me.

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