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October 03, 2007



I have an idea where they came from.


You couldn't MAKE this stuff up... too funny!

Chris Cactus

I'm a man. And I find it hilarious!


I'm just so proud to be from Ohio right now.

Friend #3

Jammies, take heart. The governor of Missouri, Matt "Manchurian Candidate" Blunt, signed a more restrictive abortion bill into state law IN A CHURCH.

No, you just can't make this shit up.


sgazzetti - Oh, he suggests they came from the library that gave him the "stick" (hee) as a gift.
sue - Men are funny. Like we don't know they like naked girls.
Chris Cactus (hi!) - Yep, and you'd write a haiku about it if it happened to you. I can't imagine you'd deny it. Or would you?
Jammies - Ha! Men in Ohio masturbate! Own it!
Friend #3 - Well, it's not like masturbating in church. Because as Monty P says, every sperm is sacred.

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