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October 13, 2007



My mom smoked 2.5 packs of unfiltered PallMalls for 40 or so years and muttley is exactly how she laughed for a few seconds before it turned into a coughing fit. Sometimes she sounded more like a car trying to start.

Ah memories....

Friend #3

You're welcome.


Zayrina - I've never smoked, that's why the wheezy squeaky laugh kind of alarmed me. I hope I don;t turn into a car next.
Friend #3 - It was fun. I've had a headache all day. Oh, and Gary tested a Prius today and liked it a lot, but I think its still a struggle between responsible and irresponsible.

Friend #3

Sorry about the hangover. :-( Message for Gary: Love the Earth. Be green. Buy a Prius.


I love Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
You can tell our fearless national leader isn't a king - he does have sh*t all over him!

Friend #3

pageycooks - LOL!


Friend #3 - OOOoooooorrrrr a Yaris for ten K less? It gets 39 mpg. Isnt that good for the environment?
pageycooks - I concur with Friend #3. And he isnt Brave Sir Robin because he hasn't the sense to run away.


I swear, you have the coolest friends... ;)

Friend #3

A Yaris meets with my approval. Go forth. Buy.


Sue - Yes, they are cool. And there were only 2 of them.
Friend #3 - The Yaris is dead to him now. Details tomorrow.


I really should've joined you. I hang my head in shame. My ILs were almost two hours late.

On a brighter note, I earned major brownie points for prioritizing them above IGNO. Enough that Friday should work fine even with his birthday the next day and me leaving town on Sunday.


Caroline - See? See? You could have seen Mr. Pizza Street and had Bellas Toasted Ravioli.

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