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October 05, 2007



If I were writing a play, that would happen, but the Robert Taylor character wouldn't actually be Robert Taylor, just someone who knew what the plaque said.

How does one go about permanently reserving a table anyway?

Friend #3

I really need to email that picture to you to add a visual.


Erin - If you wish to permanently reserve a table and you follow Robert Taylor's example, you become a long-time friend of the owner, and you regularly come and eat at his restaurants. That was the explanation he gave.
Friend #3 - I know, especially since it proves that the Robert Taylor on the Internet is the same as the one in your camera phone photo.

Friend # .08

wouldn't know...
wasn't included...


Friend 16*.5 - Well, you'd just gotten to work ...


I was hoping someone else would leave a hint in a comment as to who Robert Taylor is. I went to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Taylor_%28disambiguation%29) for guidance, and I still don't know. The Australian actor? The computer scientist? The politician? The athlete? The dead guy? I give up.


Oh, nothing so exciting. Saint Louis businessman.

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