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October 28, 2007



Time to leave a comment, since it feels like you're talking to me! I'm a friend of Hot Mom and which ever Friend # Caroline is, and I live in Denver. Friend #whatever got me started reading your blog, and I truly enjoy it. Especially since you update so regularly!

Anyway, after our amazing post-season run, the series with the Sox really sucked. I'm not a huge sports fan, but it was really painful to watch our team get beaten so mercilessly. I'm sure the Rockies be back to lots of empty seats and ridicule from their fans in no time. It was nice to see them get some attention for awile, though.



Hi, Trisha! And I'm sorry. But the nice guy at McD's when I splurge on breakfast will be thrilled. He's a displaced Bostoner with the accent and everything.


Poor Boston. They didn't even get to play a real baseball team in the Series. I mean, Colorado? (Sorry, Trisha, no offense.) Even the Marlins would have been better. But Colorado?

Sorry. My NYC be-otch is acting up...Gotta get that looked at.


Trisha - I am sorry. At least there was a tiny corner of my heart that was glad they ended their 80-season streak with us. You don't even get that.
Caroline - He'll be wicked happy.
Becs - Well, just like the Cards last year, you can play lousy all season as long as you get a streak at the end.

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