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September 27, 2007



Wow. You get the GOOD cable.


We watched this a while back and enjoyed it too. It's got some rough patches, but is well worth the 84 minutes. My wife's favorite line is the doctor's diagnosis: "Umm, you're all fucked up, and your shit's retarded". Which she also uses to describe me most of the time.


I liked that movie, too!

Hollywood is, like, all fucked up and their shit is retarded. They always bury the good movies and wide release the crap.


My friend actually saw it in theaters in California. The rest of us had to wait for DVD.

I thought it was OK, but I bought into too much of the underground hype.


TasterSpoon - Oh, you know it. Only now with the High-def channels we feel deprived.
Sgazzetti - I tried to say that line a number of times today, but I kept laughing. "You're fu -uh -hahahaha" is not as effective.
Carrie - Yes! Hollywood is fu -uh -hahahaha - still can't do it.
ajooja - Yes, well, I've added to the hype. I'm sure anyone I know who watched it is sitting in a Barcalounger wondering what I was on.

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