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September 06, 2007



My mom was disabled from a car accident (and it turned out to be the gift that kept on giving). She limped and had - she said - a huge scar on her face.

Honestly, I never saw the scar. I couldn't even remember which cheek it was on and more than once, she had to point it out to me.

I actually thought her limp, which was slight for most of her life, was kind of cute, like Southern belles walking pigeon toed to make their skirts sway.

Re: the baptism, should we all honor the occasion by sending you gicunda boxes of Depends from Costco?


I didn't actually tell YOU. You overheard me 'fessing up to Mark, who was working miracles in the client database. I should probably pick a better time to admit my idiocies than when he's fixing problems at the speed of light so I can make daycare pickup, huh?

And by the way, YOU PEED ON YOURSELF!

Can I just say how glad I am it didn't happen during your laughing fit at dinner the night before?


Interesting. We have much more in common than I originally thought.


It's interesting how we tend to stop noticing, or even remembering, the physical flaws of people we love.

My mom is missing a thumb (brother accidentally shut a door on it when she was a toddler), but she's spent a lifetime hiding it in her palm, so several of my childhood friends didn't realize it - every so often one would be at my house and suddenly blurt out, "Hey, what HAPPENED to your Mom's hand?" And I'd be all, "What?? Is she bleeding?"

My husband has a large, light-brown birthmark on his forehead, and he gets irritated when he thinks strangers are staring at him in public; I'm so oblivious that it takes me a while to remember why. I honestly forget it's there. When we're out with his wheelchair-bound brother (he has CP), the furtive gawkery really ramps up. It's almost amusing to watch, except when people are outright rude about staring. Whence the fascination? I just don't get it.

Friend #3

You have to wonder how many boxes in the world go around feeling invisible. *sniff* Thank God for people like Caroline who don't see nouns.


Becs - A new word! You and one other person on the web use "Gicunda." We just say big-ass here in the Midwest. And yes, I was expecting some Depends on my desk by the ehartless co-workers are also lazy.
Caroline - Oh, thanks for putting a fine point on it.
Sue - Hmmm. Intriguing.
Tracy27 - I was called out once in college for staring at a woman who had been severely burned. I'd never seem a burn victim, and I was trying to puzzle out what was up.
Friend #3 - Shoot. I was going to put a box in Caroline's chair at work today, but I forgot.

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