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September 04, 2007



nothing says love like a communicable disease!


Your hygienist is a bitch. There. I said it.


I'm glad I'm not the only one. Medical things? No problem... Dentist? Yikes. Now you've reminded me I should be making an appointment. Thanks. Thanks a lot. *sigh*


There's just something about being at the dentist's office that makes you uneasy...I realized this just this morning when I had to go for my cleaning. I didn't think I was worried or stressed about it until the hygenist took my blood pressure and said, "Well that's a little high...probably because you're sitting in our chair." Uhhhh thanks??? Is THAT supposed to make me less stressed?!?!?



This is my flossing friend. When I last went to the dentist, despite my cavities, they said my gums looked excellent.

And getting the radio in your mouth might be cool. Especially if you could use it to communicate with other filling-carriers.


Snowy - That's true. Like "All that summer we shared a cold," in that one song.
Caroline - Well, she was a little crankier than usual. Of course, my lower lip just bitch-slapped her.
Sue - Ha. I share my pain with you.
Autumn - And you know, I used to think it was the sound of metal scraping on my teeth, but now they use that high-pressure jet of screaming water. At least I can drown out the metal with my iPod.
Erin - I dunno - if I were to follow the hygenist's directions I'd have to put on a new head for every tooth. She feels you must always have a new dry bit of floss for every tooth. Then again, as Caroline said, she's a bitch. I think I will look for this. Thanks!

Friend #3

Thanks for the reminder - I need to get my teeth cleaned. The new dentist needs to prove his mettle. Old fired dentist can suck mah indicator ballz.


I don't think I've ever had a hygienist take my blood pressure before a cleaning. Am I missing out on an important step?

My hygienist (who I really like) told me I should floss *without* looking into a mirror because when you see yourself doing it, you consciously don't bring the floss down low enough between your teeth or something. My initial response? "But I can't see what I'm doing! How am I supposed to keep track of where I've flossed if I'm not looking in a mirror?!"

I still floss my way, by the way.


Friend #3 - Yeah, I bet new dentist will be hitting you up for procedures at the same rate as old dentist. I'm supposed to get four crowns now. Not doing it.
Catherine - I never watch myself floss. I can tell where I am by the pain and itching.

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