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September 30, 2007


Catherine the Red

I say, "Go Stacey!" I applaud your efforts and your willingness to do what is neccessary for Cassata. I can completly understand where you are coming from, having taken care of a very sick precious little boy-cat myself for several years. I too had to do some things that weren't pleasant to help him, but it was worth it. I am glad you have the courage and heart to care for her. Others would have already put her down. I'll give you a standing ovation!


That dog's cute index is off the scale. Yet I'm still not attracted to the notion of sticking my finger up its jacksy.

Stacey has my(slightly nauseated)admiration.


I have had to stick my fingers up human butts for years, not to strech the hole, but to dislodge poop boulders for which old people are famous for making. It ain't pleasant for me or the patient. Thank God for gloves and thank God for your friend Stacey who is willing to take on the task for a wee innocent pup.

Amy in Stl

Wow, Stacey is really a committed animal lover! I've had my pooch for 16 years and I don't know if I could do that.

Friend #3

Have you ever squeezed an anal gland? Now THAT'S LOVE. *Looks sternly at aged, incontinent, but cute as hell poodle*

Oooz a naughty goo-boy!


Yes, yes I could resist that face, and I can definitely resist it's asshole. Perhaps that's precisley what that makes me.

Eh, I think I'm at peace with it.


Catherine the Red - Well, Sam was a dear. I would have done the same. Hope you are getting a lot of good health out the new kitty.
Jamon - Oh, I get to learn another new word! I will put "jacksy" up there with "narkish."
Zayrina - You would be proud to know that I helped convince Stacey to use a glove. She claimed she would not be able to feel as well. I offered it would be less infectious for the dog. "Well, anything for the dog, then," she said.
Amy in Stl (hi Amy!) - I gave my sickly pooch anal temperature readings. He was a such a good natured pup it wasn't a problem. However, if I were to do that to my current dog Gary would have to be involved and there would be much screaming.
Friend #3 - no, I haven't done that. My dog expresses himself whenever he gets pissed.
Katie - Another view heard from, and I respect it. I'm torn myself. I'm think cats are cooler day by day.
All- I beg you, please don't open the link in the next post. Please.

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