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September 03, 2007


david Brown

Historians will likely point to this blog as the origination of the verb "cunnilingled."


Not sure I could have stopped giggling long enough to actually have sex anyway.

I checked with my Husband on this subject.

Me: "Honey, random quiz question -- how many letters in the alphabet?"

Him: "Uh...26?"

Me: "Right! You get to have to sex tonight, if you want to."

Him: (pause) "Really?"

Friend #3

Well, you did marry him for his brains. ;-)

You realize your site will yield search engine results for more than just "toe porn" and "iron lung bondage" now?


That Gary is a keeper!


I've done the alphabet thing before, but I usually forget where I'm at. :)


Perhaps he was referring to the Greek Alphabet?(24 letters). =)


Imagine if Gary tried the Cyrillic alphabet. I'm just sayin'.


David Brown - and it rhymes with tingled! And commingled.
Sherri - Ha! My work here is done. Bringing people together.
Friend #3 - Well, it's been a day and no searches yet.
sue - Yes. Plus, I have to keep him, because he can't survive on his own without knowing the alphabet.
ajooja - Can she tell if you miss a letter?
snowy - He did eat a lot of Greek desserts recently...
Catherine - Or, hieroglyphics! "Bird, bird, eye, bird, sun." Ooo baby.


I know - how about binary code?! Dot dot, line line line, dot dot. Or something. Rowr.


Catherine - I just spent a moment really visualizing that. The dots are cracking me up.


What about Morse Code? Dash dash dot, dot dash dot, you get what I mean.

I've been thinking about this too much.


Catherine - yes. We have been thinking about this too much. Besides, I don't know the names of those African languages with all the clicking and clucking.

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