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August 01, 2007


Hot Mom

I was Puppies-girl, not Caroline.

It made ya'll laugh though which was my entire contribution to that particular Super-Secret Project.

Friend #3

One of my writing board friends had crossed that bridge five minutes before it collapsed. She's a little freaked out.

I believe I'll leave the Boone and Blanchette bridges to the daredevils and just stick with the extension. Not that it being newest is much comfort.


Fox News? Now that's scary!
What is also scary is the fact that we probably won't know for a long while, and by then it won't matter! I heard they are closing down the search for the night, what the hell?

I am rather worried. The daughter of one of my patient's went on vacation to Mall of America. I hope she is ok.


You are psychic. I was reading the long paragraph and thinking, "You forgot the puppies!"

Hey, did you hear about the chemical dumpster fire here in St. Louis this morning? There was a great quote on the radio about "they handed us all these MSDS and there sure is a lot of stuff in there!" http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/news/stories.nsf/laworder/story/FD2E565DAFE048308625732B0045FA2D?OpenDocument


Oh, and Hot Mom - by the end of that project we were all Puppy Girls. :-)


Hot mom - Credit where due. You birthed the puppy remark.
Friend #3 - I was wondering if I’d be concerned. It didn’t occur to me unitl I was well over the Page bridge.
judibleu - Well... I thought that too, but I guess with a water situation it isn’t like an earthquake where they might be trapped under some rubble and survive. They would be trapped under rubble and drown. Sad.
- I hope so too. I’ve been to that Mall. The sidewalks outside it are heated so ice doesn’t form.
Caroline – No fighting over the puppies. And wait – a chemical dumpster? That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.


A little too close to home for comfort. My son has a friend who lives in Minneapolis and he's not been able to contact him. We're hoping for the best.


sue - I'm relieved to hear there are a lot fewer fatalities than they first thought. I hope your son's friend is fine.

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