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August 28, 2007



My son was born on the 18th of May. Next time around I'll be thinking of you and SUAFday, as well.


YAY! Another excuse to celebrate!


My birthday falls on the next SUAFDay. Shall I bring in candy bars for a simul-flush party? Of course, we now have more stalls than females on our team, so we'll likely be interrupted by nurses on cell phones.

I actually did bring in candy bars to celebrate the re-opening of the 5th floor bathroom a couple years back, but that wasn't a SUAFDay. I think they were Milky Ways.

Friend #3

Just for posterity's sake, we set the 19th as SUAFDay. :-)


Melissa - Ah! But you see that Friend #3 says it's been moved to the 19th, so you're in the clear.
sue - Ceeeeelebrate Bad Times, Come On!
Caroline - Okay, but we have to flush with our feet like Zayrina taught us.
Friend #3 - Well, that will be handy information for the Wikipedia entry.

Hot Mom

For the record, I have no issues at all with SUAFDay being on the anniversary of Hot Grandma's death. She would have loved it. I think it was her unofficial motto.


Hot Mom - I am developing this mental image of your mom that is probably not accurate. Petite, smoking, barking, "Flush, already!"

Hot Mom

Petite, yes. Smoking, yes. Barking, no. Snarling "Get over it", yes.

Stand Up And Flush would have made a lot of sense to her.

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