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August 03, 2007



Good lord. Gary nags you like I nag John.

Some weird pseudokarma or something. One must be born to either be a nagger, or a nagee.

You poor little naggee.

Friend #3

I'm cleaning up my dog's urine all wrong. Me, a mop, a bucket of hot water, and Murphy's Oil Soap, and that's all wrong. My greatroom and dining room are awash with a thin layer of dried dog pee.

By the way, I enjoyed CO-ED NO. It was lovely and needed. AND thanks for being my Guest Blogger! :-)


You could ask him, like I ask my husband,"Are your hands painted on? If not, you'll need to head up the pee patrol from now on." Shheeeesh. Men!


And where was my 9:00 call? Uh huh. Thanks.

When the kiddo woke me up at 2:00 for a Kleenex and I was still tossing and turning an hour later, I considered doing a driveby to see if the party was still hopping. ;-)

Friend #3

Oops... *grimaces*


Zayrina - I can speak for all naggees when I say, I hate to nag. I dont nag clients, I dont nag nurses, etc. It's not like I have the urge to nag and I supress it - I just hate to nag. Still, as a nagee, I feel superior.
Friend #3 - Perhaps you might like the first of the tools: a teeny tiny wet-dry shopvac.
judibleu - When we bought the second of the tools: a wet-dry dustbuster, he said "I hope this will be just the ticket for you." I stopped dead in the Bed Bath & Beyond Aisle and we had a little conversation about who would be using this.
Friend #3 and Caroline - at 9 the two of us had just finished watching Best Week Ever and I think we were starting the Bill Maher Special. It was just the two of us, and frankly, while it was enjoyable I thought you might not want to travel to sit in front of the tube if there were no spirited debates, or stripping, or underarm exposure, or religious debates, or underwear in the freezer.


Ah... I find it interesting how Gary glosses over the whole "or YOU could clean up the pee" comment. Sounds like MY husband.


sue - Actually, I was surprised that he took care of it this morning. I just said, "Why, what is that puddle?" He tidied up one and ignored another, but that's an improvement.

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