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August 27, 2007


Friend #3

You really need to talk with me before you speak with my peeps.


So, who's left, then? There have got to be some Sikhs you can piss off.


I'm agnostic.
Piss me off. ;-)


AHAHAHA. 'Suck-it.'

I learned of Sukkot (which I have memorized as 'sue-coat' so as to pronounce it correctly) from my former co-workers. They came into the office one day with boxes of cookies and treats for everyone. I was just happy to be on the receiving end so I asked what was the celebration, and one person said it was a festival and kind of like a "Jewish Halloween" (her words), hence the treats. They were delicious.


I've never heard of Sukkot. Do we need another girls' night?


"Peeps, what don't I know?" Uhh, how to pronounce Sukkot. Jk. This made me laugh. Lots. Thanks.

Friend #3

When I was a kid, Sukkot was pronounced "soo-kus". Somewhere along the way, "t" replaced the "s" in a lot of words.

Caroline, here you go: http://www.holidays.net/sukkot/story.htm

personal venus

Okay, now you have me responding to one of your posts. Happy? You can officially knock your count down to 179 unknowns... I am Jewish (by birth at least) and have no idea how to pronounce Sukkot or what it is. So there.


Friend #3 - I know. I like your peeps. I don;t want them to turn on me.
sgazzetti - On no, they make me sikh.
HYC - I would, but I think you're the one who told me about the agnostic dyslexic insomniac who stayed up all night wondering if there's a dog.
Catherine - Treats? I want to know why Friend #3 hasn't brought in treats for us.
Caroline - That sounds good. But only if we call it "Suck-it." And eat these legendary treats Friend #3 has been keeping from us.
Autumn - Well, finally, you've moved from laughing at my pain to laughing at my humiliation.
Friend #3 - So, like the Great Vowel Shift, but with consonants? Do you do this routinely so non-peeps mispronounce things?
personal venus - (Whee! Hi PV) Well, I'm .... Catholic, I suppose, but I have no idea how the Trinity is supposed to work. So were even.


I'm here for you Queen...whatever you need. :P


Learn something every day. Once again I am reminded that I've led a very sheltered life.

Friend #3

I haven't brought in any treats because it's not Suck-it yet.

Friend #3

P.S. Regarding the Great Vowel Shift w/Consonants, we do this because there is profound mysticism in Judaism, and a lot of practical joking.


Autumn - Thanks! Suck-it!
sue - Here's whats weird - I knew Friend #3 for three years before I found out she's Jewish.
Friend #3 - I believe you. And I think we should have Stand Up and Suck-it Day.


I'm gonna have to ask my husband if we (the girls, not the family) can pitch a tent in the backyard to celebrate. We can practice the sharing of a meal with Marcia's treats and alcohol. Then anyone who fails the breathalyzer can sleep out there.

I can get behind this holiday.


Caroline - Suck-it and Flush Day! A holiday you can really get behind.

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