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July 09, 2007



Garanoid could not last a night with me. I twitch, cough, flip, flop and am generally a nuisance to sleep with. Fortunately Mongo wears a device to keep him from snoring, sleeps as if he were dead and notices nothing.

Sleep is good.


I've been known to sleep-answer the phone. At least, I did before we went to an all cellular life, no land line. I can't handle all those buttons when I'm sleeping.

The Husband and I take turns keeping each other awake. In our case, the person who's sleeping obnoxiously keeps the bed, while the sleepless one gets the couch. Right now it's my turn to be obnoxious...a few times. Luckily, we have a very sleep friendly couch. The cats snooze on it all the time.


Boy, I slept so hard Saturday night the pillow wrinkles in my face didn't go away for half an hour. I don't understand that, how being REALLY TIRED makes us push our faces REALLY HARD into the pillow.


If you find out what's up with the iPod, let me know, 'kay? I had the same thing happen and don't have a clue...


I might be telling you something you already know...but did you try doing a hard reboot of your iPod to see if it fixes the problem? You can find out how to reboot your specific model at the apple support website.

If something was wrong with my iPod I would immediately go into a deep depression. Don't even get me started on what would happen if my hard drive corrupted and I lost all my music. I'm not sure I could handle it.


Zayrina - A C-Pap? (Not to be confused with a Bi-Pap, which my mom's respiratory tech did and almost killed her.) You could have a dance party next to those things.
Sherri - I like that arrangemenbt much better. Then the one who needs the sleep makes the accomodation. Except the guest bed is much much more comfy. If it didn't piss off the dog so much I'd sleep there all the time.
Taster - When you work, work hard, when you play, play hard, and when you sleep, sleep hard.
Sue and Carrie - aw man ... this means I have to fix it, doesn't it? From the posts here:
...it sounds like the five Rs either do OR do not work, re-installing the old version does OR does not work, etc. Since it hosed up as soon as I installed 7.3, I think I'll installing an old version, try the five Rs, etc. All I know is I've got to fix it before Gary comes back, because he is a pain when he is Mr. Troubleshooting Man. His parents have been known to kick Mr. Troubleshooting Man out of the house. That sounds like my project for tomorrow.

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