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July 14, 2007



Now, no one loves pandas more than me (except for maybe Evil Genius-In-Residence Dr. No, MAYBE), but man, are sea otters cute or what? They have those big doe - er otter eyes and everything.


I have to say, I have never before heard the word 'opportunist' used to describe a panda.

But dang, them sea otters is cute, I tell you what.

Friend #3

My favorite author is an otter freak and they are very cute. But pandas are cool, too. :-)


Both videos have their merits, but I think I'm leaning towards the otters. BTW, for more cute than you can stand, go to www.cuteoverload.com.


Catherine - At Shedd Aquarium I thought - if only there was a camera trained on these sea otters like there is with Catherine's Pandas.
Becs - You may use "The Opportunistic Pandas" as your band name, the Insectous Pandas will not sue you for copyright violation.
Friend #3 - You should have heard the baby talk at the aquarium - "Cuuute! Ooozz a baby ottwuh?"
Melissa - I try so hard to turn my head away from the cute, I've never been to cuteoverload.com.


Ok, try http://uglyoverload.blogspot.com/


I keep an otter on my computer monitor. It's from a previous job where we all hated the work but liked each other. Someone pointed out that otters have to do all the same jobs as everyone else in the animal kingdom - find food, eat, make homes, etc. - but they always seem to have fun doing it. So we decided we should work like otters.

I *heart* otters.


I adore otters. I have every intention of being reincarnated as one. Sherri & I bonded over otters.

For very much otterish fun, check out their cam: http://www.mbayaq.org/efc/efc_otter/otter_cam.asp


Melissa - Okay, that's more my style.
Caroline - I had forgotten entirely about your otter. But, I bet yours is a freshwaterotter, not a seawaterotter.
Jammies - OTTER CAM! OTTER CAM! And I turned it on just as they were feeding, too!

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