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July 02, 2007



Dear Queen and Consort - Please hang in there. Please, please, please. Clients will come and go but only once will you have each other.

Right now, that may sound like a good thing but from what I've read of Queen's blog, there's a lot more to it than lattes and BNL. (Which are good, in and of themselves.)

There has to be an end-date for the stupid client project. Just think of getting there and then collapse and celebrate.

I wish I could wave my magic wand and make it all better.

Absolutely blame the clients. They are stupid and inarticulate and they suck.


You said it before, so I'll say it now...UNION! UNION! UNION!

I'm sorry your clients are losers and sucking the fun out of your life:(

Friend #3


With apologies to Gary.


Stop reading those "Love Languages" books. It seemed like things were better before you go your hands on them.


Becs - Oh, no intention of parting from the Consort! But, that means slogging though the combination of the new 45-year old Ellen and the new 53-year old Gary. Sigh. It would be nice if things never changed.
Autumn - Well, not all the fun. It has been fun dealing with stress at work by eating every thing I see. There's an ice cream parlor practically outside the office door.
Friend #3 - Yeah, sure, Gary, what about the Queen Mother? And you've met her!
Melissa - You know, that is so true. But I still have to stick with them a few more weeks.

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