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July 12, 2007



The one time I was in a theater where people were testifyin' to the screen, after awhile, I kind of got into it. It was like 'Rocky Horror' but without food being thrown (well, not that much food).

I despise people who talk in the movies. Last week when I went to see "Ratatouille", I had to change my seat twice before landing in the Cone of Selective Silence.


I'm all about the silence, too... that's why I usually have to wait until a movie comes out on DVD or satellite.


This was really funny! Thank you for the giggle so early in my work day. I needed it.

I don't talk at the movie theatre, probably because I'm used to spending a lot of time in live theatre audiences where it is VERBOTEN to speak out loud, even if the actors on stage could really use the advice. (and who can, by the way, hear you. Detail.)

However, I talk talk talk and talk some more to the TV, movies, and news shows I watch at home. I'm surprised my hubby hasn't smacked me upside the head. It must bother him. Sometimes it even bothers me. I really can't figure out why I can't stop talking to the TV when I'm at home. Maybe I need to eat more popcorn. That might keep me quiet.


My boyfriend Ryan has really taken to the TiVo. Now he can pause in the middle of a show, pontificate for 10 minutes and then continue with the show and I won't miss anything. Of course, sometimes it takes an hour to watch a half hour show!

Actually, the back and forth (or really, just forth) was my favorite thing about the first time I attended a movie on opening night. The energy of the crowd! The expectations! The freshness of wit! And I'm talking about Wayne's World.


We have a family friend who talks back to the movies-ALWAYS. It's usually very annoying, but I gotta say, Sistah Marcia sounds like she was very entertaining.

Friend #3

Don't you think you're exaaaaggggerating just a TAD??

Yes, I hissed at Cheney, but it wasn't a loud hiss. And my "asshole" epithet at the Shrub was under my breath. I can't help that you have the hearing of a fruitbat.

You gotta admit, this movie was ripe for audience reaction. And for the record, I took my cue from the old man and his wife who were sitting in our row. He started it.

And, yes, Sistah Autumn, Sistah Marcia is VERY entertaining. Ellen misses shlepping me to work.


Becs – I would have enjoyed some audience participation with the new James Bond movie, or with Ratatouille. It’s just that one whisper piercing the silence that I can’t take.
Sue – I think this was the first movie I’ve seen at the cinema … since … the last time I saw a movie with Friend #3 (Manchurian Candidate)
KC – Oh – I hadn’t thought of that. I need to see more live theater if I want quiet entertainment. That’s a good point. Huh. It’s kind of the opposite of blogs.
Faythe – Oh, Ryan and Gary must be related, except Gary says one sentence, plays the tiVo for a microsecond, pauses, talks, plays, pauses, talks – I would love a ten-minute diatribe.
- (I know who you are, you know) That is cool! I guess the actors don’t need to concentrate on the plot, since they know all the lines and what happens next.
Autumn – Sistah Marcia was entertaining, even though she thinks I was exaggerating, which I was not.
Friend #3 – Yes, I do miss the schlepping. I was Born 2 Schlep U.

Friend #3

Were, too.


We saw "An Inconvienient Truth" at Plaza Frontenac and that crowd of certified Jewish people hooted when Al made one tiny comment about voting for change. ;)

Friend #3

Er, what?


Friend #3 - nuh-uh. Besides, my blog.
Ajooja - they were certified? I think Marcia (Friend #3) might be a little surprised to hear you can get a certificate. But want I want to know is, did the crowd hoot in derision, like "Yeah, we tried that, the Supreme Court overruled us" or was it "Change! Hah! Who needs change?"
Friend #3 - This is why you need to stay in Saint Charles.


I'm so not a fan of talking in movies. When I saw Stomp the Yard (...what? It's AWESOME) with Jen and Lauren, these bratty teenagers in front of us not only talked to each other throughout the movie (until they got kicked out - HA!), they also TEXTED and THREW THINGS UP AND DOWN THE ROW AT EACH OTHER. I gave more than one sharp kick to the backs of their seats to get them to shut the F up and also firmly told them to cut it out.

Oh, yeah - the talking. Last night during Grindhouse this one asshole kept piping up with his little comments, oh-so-witty things like "HI, JOHN McCLANE!" whenever Bruce Willis was on screen, or "DON'T WORRY IT'S NOT AN IPHONE IT'S OKAY TO DROP IT!" when a woman almost dropped her T-Mobile Sidekick. Jen and I hissed at him to shut UP more than once. Thank Jeebus he and his friend left before Death Proof.

My point is, don't talk in movies. I didn't pay $10.50 to hear someone who isn't on the screen drown out those who are.


If we go to movies, we go at un-cool times, like on Thursdays at 4 or Tuesday nights. Never, ever, date night.And never any movie a kid might want to see. In a theater of kids you would be my teenage hero for getting those kids kicked out. Movie bullies.


So many thoughts...

Sicko - Why do I imagine the worst of US healthcare being compared to the best of socialized healthcare and providing a stark but unbalanced comparison.

Talking in movies, part 1 - While watching "Hanging Up" in the theater, the women behind us had an ongoing discussion of the costumes and sets. I *love* the interior design in Meg Ryan's home! Oh, that pencil skirt Diane Keaton is wearing is to die for. Where do you think I could get that vase? I almost demanded they reimburse my ticket price.

Talking in movies, part 2 - While watching some Gwyneth Paltrow movie about being a flight attendant, my husband and I were nearly the only people over 18 in the audience. Mall theater. Kids were calling and texting each other within the same theater to join each other. I got climbed over about a million times. I'm not sure where the people were going, because no one ever left the row. My husband gave up and left for a while. Afterwards the theater manager gave us free vouchers and then advised us to use them at a different theater in the chain. Apparently they don't tell the kids to behave because teenagers in PG-13 movies are how they make their revenue at the mall. It's cheaper to give the schmuck adults who happen to enter that realm free passes. We've never gone back.

Friend #3

You might think so, but then you'd have to see the movie to know for sure. ;-)


Caroline and Friend #3 - first of all, you work tweleve steps from each other.

Also, you are both right, it was a stark but unbalanced comparision, but still very very enjoyable. Even if in your head you are thinking "I know better about Canadian healthcare" he spreads his propaganda in a very enjoyable way.

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