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July 15, 2007



Adorable dog. Yeah, we're all used to dog / cat puke around here, too... it's just a fact of life.

Aaron Proctor

This blog is great. Adding it to my blog roll. I'm new around "these parts".

Friend #3


I can ROFLMAO because I have a dog who empties any or all orifices when he damn well pleases. His cuteness is the only thing keeping him alive.


Sue - Well, usually the dog pukes up his food so he can enjoy it later.
Aaron - Okay, now this site looks interesting. And, just today Friend #3 pointed out the newspaper article you referenced in http://www.proctorformayor.com/2007/07/16/jews-help-muslims-fight-county-council/
Friend #3 - Look at that (above). Everybody is talking about the Jews and the Muslims uniting. And, Ricky is so cute he will live forever.

Friend #3

Just makes my commie pinko heart go pitter-pat. :-)

Friend #3

P.S. I'd feel better about Ricky's immortality if he'd stop tumbling down the stairs.


Actually, if I don't happen to "catch" it in time... the dog will eat what the cat barfed up. It is a well-designed system. Now if I could just get the cat to eat... well, you get the idea.

Queen Mother

A careful examination of Gary's shoulder vomit shows a masticated carrot chunk. Who would feed a dog raw carrots?


Friend #3 - It's a cry for help.
Sue - the one time my two dogs did that was on the way to take one of them to the vet to fix the flu that was making him puke. Of course...we had to treat both dogs after they "shared."
Queen Mother - ah, but that's a cooked carrot.This is the refrigerated food at Schnucks Karen suggested we turn to during the pet food scare. It's fresh! No preservatives. All natural ingredients like cooked carrot chunks. We could eat this in an emergency.


Gee, I didn't think to whip out my camera after my 13 year old Labrador lost it - twice - on my beige carpet. Nasty! It's been 4 days and I may have finally gotten rid of the odor...

Leave it to TheQueen to find the funny in vomit! Thanks for the chuckle!


I just laughed for 5 minutes. I sooo needed a good laugh today. Thanks Queen, you never disappoint;)


Connie - Well, the dog is leaving brown pudding-like puddles in the house now. Poor baby is sick. Hope your lab is better.
Autumn - Sorry you were that hard up for a laugh, Autumn!


Thanks for checking out my site.


I like to see the non-native view of Saint Louis.

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