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July 20, 2007



I'm pretty sure my mom has had that exact same conversation through a window before. Eventually, she wins all my friends and acquaintances over to her side with her wit and charm, and they take turns mocking me. She may or may not come to regret that when she's too old to change her own diapers one day.


Your mom is too cool.

Friend #3

Becs is right - your mom is waaaayyy cool! :-)


Rachelskirts - Ha! Yes, they should think ahead to the future.
Becs and Friend #3 - She has always been cool. I do have a cool Mom.


I love the Queen Mother.


Me too


so this isn't about the queen mother being a lizard then?


Joshua - (Hi Joshua!) No, but that MIGHT be this one: http://mocklog.typepad.com/queen_mediocretia/2006/06/in_which_we_alm.html
...it depends on how loosely you define lizard.

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