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July 17, 2007


Friend #3

Whoo. (And I mean that in the most loving way.)


(eye roll) So much for your technical skills, Programmer.


I have an iPod. I have had an iPod for 4(?) years. It is sitting, empty, atop the Bose iPod system I have had for 3 years. Technology is wasted on me, I applaud your patience.


I've had several iPod/iTunes issues but it's mainly because I'm 41-years-old and I don't read directions.

I mainly just listen to podcasts now.

Hot Mom

TMI in a Public Service Announcement format. Yawn.

I'd rather hear about how you were banished from your own bedroom.


I did that iTunes update also. Now, when I want to release my iPod from it's USB stranglehold, iTunes will not release it without all kinds of error messages. What's up with that crap? Don't they know I'm a technophobe and I can't be bothered with this stuff?


I still don't have an iPod, but I love using iTunes. Makes me feel like a Mac person.

Friend #3

Updated to add: *yawn*


Friend #3 - Suck Mah Ballz.
Troll - Dude, where is your email? Usually I get Screwoff@shutupQueen.com or some such.. So lazy.
Christy - Wow! Have you listened to iPod? Oh, wait, you don’t work next to Robin, the grunter, so you don’t need one.
ajooja - I liked the BNL podcasts – are there others? Like, amusing ones?
Hot Mom - Yeah, well maybe later. Plus, I updated it for you.
KC - Yeah, I think a lot of people have that eternal “Do not eject” message. I think I goofed up my iPod port by sticking other stuff in it, like the camera and the jump drive.
Kathy - My Mom’s a Mac person. But the PC guy in the commercials is so much more appealing than the smug Mac guy, don’t you think?
Friend #3 - Right at this second, John Cougar Mellancamp is on the Daily Show singing your favorite song, “This Is Our Country.” So, Updated: Bite Mah Ballz.


You've given me hope. I'm going to have to get out my iPod that's been sitting in the drawer for 3 years because I was frustrated with the whole 2-second-per-song thing and give it another go. You really are my hero!


sue - I am iPodia, the patron Saint of iPods. I hope you iPod finds peace and healing.

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