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July 10, 2007



I feel bloated just by reading this... ugh. Hope it was everything you thought it would be!

I do the same thing when Hubs is gone. Try and think of all the things I can eat that he won't. Then I end up wishing I'd had something else. :)


Your taste buds thank you.

We truly have some trashy food choices in our neighborhood, don't we? And they all taste great.


Ew. Have you noticed the cellulite yet?


And how long was it before you threw up?


I do the same thing, food-wise, when my hubby's out of town. I also do a lot of wandering around the house. Mostly because it's kind of cool to be in the house alone. I sing out loud and I don't close the door when I use the bathroom. Fun stuff.


Ah, rationalization, a unique concept! You're good at it, too!


Sue - It was what I needed at the time. It tasted like Freedom.
Caroline - What's up with the Subway in the Wal-Mart, though? The Sonic should be in there, not a healthy place like Subway.
Ann - (Hi, Ann!) I had not even finshed the Mozzarella sticks before a hive on my leg swelled up and I thought, Cellulite is re-born.
Autumn - Not puking. Colin seems happy.
KC - Yep, I was wondering today if I was going to be able to get back in the habit of closing the bathroom door when Gary comes home.
judibeu - Sonic is close to the gas station and it would have wasted energy if I'd gone anywhere else! How was that?

Friend #3

Actually, a mere grass divide along the State Highway (within rifle range of my balcony) separates me from the Weldon Spring Clusterf*ck of nouveau-riche-country-club and biker-bar-big-truck-rally.

I suppose it's something that I still have to drive a ways before I hit a Wal-Mart.

Hey, they sell rifles!


I am celebrating my first 24 hours of "Stevelessness". Wait. Did I say "celebrating"? Er, I meant "enduring" - I'm enduring my first 24 hours of Stevelessness. But alas, the teenager is still around. Thank goodness for the crockpot. He can help himself when he darn well pleases.

Oh no, I think I hear about three more of them heading through the door. So much for solitude this evening...


Friend #3 - Oh, look at you, dissing the novuea-riche and the no-riche at the same time. How...suburban of you?
Connie - Gary said he would be coming back early, and I squealed.


See? That's what is wrong with this world.
I actually live in Hoosier-country (Indianapolis) and we don't even *have* a Sonic.
Yet they insist on showing me their commercials 24/7. Oh what i wouldn't give for some cheese tater tots...


snowy - that is sad. Take comfort that the Sonic food always sounds much better than it actually is.

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