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July 31, 2007



You must call me when you are here, we will drink out of shot glasses. For maybe two seconds before I fall off a barstool, however.

Catherine (the Redheaded One)

Should be interesting. How does Arzzana-Fay feel about her brother getting married?
Led Zepplin has a song called Kashmir: http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Kashmir-lyrics-Led-Zeppelin/21357C07661C49E1482568870004A244, perhaps they'll play it as the bride is presented to the groom?


This event has international incident written all over it.


Sounds like there will be fun had by all... and some more than others.


Jenny - Hey! I can do TWO shots of tequila! I am a big girl!
Catherine the Red - Actually, I couldn't tell you, since both the events we are invited to are receptions. The actual religious ceremony will take place without us.
Caroline - Yes, especially since I'm going back and forth on the headscarf issue.I don't want to be the infidel tramp exposing her head, but I don't want Karen to feel even more out-of-place.
Sue - Well, since it's Gary's family, and specifically Sandy, there will be drama had by all anyway.

Hot Mom

Henna tattoos on all terrorists would stop a lot of the racial profiling problems.

I think you've just given us the key to the whole Terrorism in America issue.

Friend #3

I suggest you and Karen go Bollywood. I have a sari somewhere. Anywhatsis, go Bollywood - handsome Indian men (you can touch) and huge musical numbers ala Rogers-and-Hammerstein, only with curry.

It'll be fabulous.


Hot Mom - Neh. Then Madonna would be stopped as a terrorist. You know, with the henna hands and the suspicious name.
Friend #3 - You do NOT have a sari somewhere! Get out! Gimme a sari and a dot on my head and I'm there.

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