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July 13, 2007


Friend #3

My gas cap on my Honda passed inspection there in January.

And Gary's right: it's a scam. I say let's go to Jeff City and kick Matty B's ass. (Not necessarily because he's responsible for the ginormous rip-off of the Missouri state vehicle inspection flim-flam, but because it would reeeeeeaaaally feel good to kick Matty B's ass.)


In Jersey, my old car failed inspection because the light bulb over the rear license plate had burned out. It cost me $70 to get it replaced. Argh!


Friend #3 - I bet it had a washer.
Becs - It just cost $100 (ONE HUNDRED DOLLAHS) to get a piece of plastic replaced over my rear light.


I would've gone to a different inspection station. It's free for re-inspection.

Here's another PSA: Don't get a new battery just before inspection if your car is newer than 1996. Replacing the battery wipes out the computer data and you can fail for having too little data for them to read. I spent Halloween 2005 driving to Warrenton and back to try to generate enough data to pass by end of day. I finally had to search on the internet for a certain driving pattern that captured all the data (accelerate to 50 MPH, coast without braking until you reach 35 MPH, take a sharp turn to the right, etc.). It was frustrating. I had the damn car inspected 3 times that day and it passed just in time to renew my plates before the DMV closed that night.


Caroline - Duly noted, but I think I would have saved the gas and headache and just coughed up the twenty bucks for the late fee.

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