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July 04, 2007



Shirt and pants count as Not Naked. If you are "naked except for", then you aren't really naked (well, unless "except for" is a necklace or a smile or something like that. Even under my rules, that would count). So, yeah, you were fine (even if you had made "the sign", you wicked woman.)

This year, for the first time in I don't know how long, there were no fireworks after 10 pm. Nothing blew up in my backyard, and no one hit a transformer down the street due to a beer/stupidity/automobile interaction. Banner Year!


Sherri - Oh, no, shirt and pants count very much as naked. See Appropriate ER Attire in:


Oh your royal highness is much abused! The last time I was admitted to the ER was during a miscarriage, and I was wearing a giant, ragged T-shirt and a sarong (underwear having become moot at that point). The Husband was so much more concerned about the copious amounts of blood leaking from my body that he just wrapped me in a sheet and towels (to save the car seats, actually, they did me no good) and drove.

For that matter, at the ER they threw my bloodsoaked sarong and T shirt away. I went home in TWO of those hospital gown things (both were teeny so it took two to keep my ass covered. I was outside wearing those things from door to car and car to door.

And I was not naked. Just saying.

Of course, this is Florida, and the rules are different here.


You know after this story, and after Becs similar story (I think it was Becs), I think I should start an ambulance company that women can call so that they don't need to dress for the ER. And you could have bled all over the ambulance.


I would like to thank my neighbors for burning a 4" hole in my swing that I spent $200 on less than a year ago. I would like to thank them for leaving hundreds of fireworks in our yard, which we must clean up before we can mow, which they will probably complain to the county didn't happen soon enough after returning from a week long vacation. I would like to thank them for clogging our gutters and downspouts with their litter. I would like to further thank them for continuing to shoot off fireworks for days after it was legal to do so.

We intentionally go out of town every 4th of July to avoid all of this. Nothing like celebrating the independence of our country by bombing thy neighbors.

Friend #3

After nearly a year and a half, St. Charles County is NOT growing on me.

I envision a FOR SALE sign in my window as soon as the housing market improves.


Caroline - usually we have tons of debris, but not this year. I think our neighbors must be good about sneaking in to the yard early in the morning and cleaning up. Of course, we aren't trashy neighbors who leave a six-inch strip of lawn unmowed like some I know.
Friend #3 - Aw, come on. You must have enjoyed the view from your balcony.

Friend #3


'Nuff said.

(Present company excepted, of course.)


See the 7/10 post, y'all.

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