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June 30, 2007



Mac! You rock! You should guest blog more often...make the furless one let you.


Hi, My name is Tessa and I live with Zayrina.

I understand your frustrations with the furless ones. I am tortured daily with squeak toys. I get even though, by strategically placing them in and around the bathroom door after they have retreated to their kingsized bed. I smile inwardly and wag my tail in delight when one of them steps on one in the dark, Sometimes the biggest one screams quite shrilly and clutches his chest, and usually the smaller female screeches awake as she is a light sleeper. It's a hoot, so if you haven't tried it I recommend it.

Uh-oh, here comes one, gotta run!

Friend #3 (as dictated to by Ricky)

Why did you bring me to work tonight? It's frickin' midnight. I should be in bed, licking the empty space where my testicles once were. *cough*bitch*cough* Oh sure, I howl when you're gone. I'm a dog, for Christ's sake.

Next time, leave me at home. I know you feel guilty cuz it's Sunday and you're working until midnight. (Who the hell are these crazy ass people anyway?) Anyway, leave me out of it, okay? Jeez!

P.S. I'm sorry about your lamp.


Autumn - oh, as if she had any control over what I can or can't do. Hah!

Tessa - I might break my ban on squeak toys just to play that trick on Big Furless. Slightly Smaller Furless would just sigh and mutter.

Ricki - Well, at least you got to pee and see squirrels. I barely eben got a walk.

hi all :)


Oh. Hi. Were you experimenting with the features from the latest edition of Maximum PC? The ones that hide your identity? Hmm?

hi all :)


Oh, you are so deleted next time.

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