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June 23, 2007



Yeah, if he's going to call about it, as opposed to asking you to call in, it's probably just a med adjustment. Sure woulda been nice if he'd SAID that, though, so you didn't have to worry about it for two days....


Damn HIPAA and the cryptic messages that have resulted. I like the sound of the decoy medicine. I'd like to think the bad guys are lazy and easily distracted by shiny objects.


~~Silk - Well, actually, I guess he could be calling to say "Mayo" lost the results. Or maybe my blood got mixed up with Terri Garr's.
Caroline - the only thing about Copaxone (the decoy meds) is they take six months to dupe the bad guys.


It's interesting to hear all this. We have a friend with MS but he doesn't talk about it much. Thanks for the lesson...


sue - Yeah, most people are like that. My family always felt that illness is a natural part of life, but I know sometimes people feel it's TMI to talk about it. (I bet you haven't seen this guys naked toes, either.)

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