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June 24, 2007



I'm glad I was able to entertain you, Ellen. But are you sure you don't care too much?


I know someone who wants and needs that font test.

I just got a new t-shirt that made me think of you (but you ain't gettin' it). It says "I'm sorry...I'm all out of nice."


I'm Lucinda Calligraphy because I'm "arty". Hey, really, this is one of my favorite fonts and I use it a lot when making my Shakespeare Quote pillow.

Friend #3

70%, baby! "Your care is at the most appropriate level. When you are with other people, you usually can read others' mind [sic] and hold their hands and give them your support when timing is the most appropriate. Other than this, your care is quiet, natural and can easily achieve the best result. Because your care is natural, it won't appear exaggerated or too obvious. To people around you, you are a very trustworthy person."

Clearly, I rock.


Melissa - The appropriate amount of caring me is "MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE WHO TOOK THE TEST." (Even though a funnier answer would have been "Oh, who cares, screw you Melissa" I couldn't bring myself to type it.)
Sherri - Ooo! I need to get myself that shirt. But, it suggests I had some nice to run out of.
KC - Lucinda is one of my favorite fonts. Tea party invites are always in Lucinda.
Friend #3 - Oh, who cares, screw you Marcia.


Wow, Hello Kitty called me evil. Heck, I didn't know people preferred fried over scrambled! Damn, Hello Kitty! Cut me some slack!


styro - I had to have a little talk with Hello Kitty on your behalf. (Well, with the Kitty Corporation.) They regret exceedingly any duress you may have experienced. They also want to know if you would like a job, because they are always looking for evil people.

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