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June 05, 2007


Vaguely Urban

Isn't it lovely when your mama knows you - the REAL you - so well?


The Queen Mum is quality.

Queen Mother

Your grandmother is French. Gary's people are German. Remember she sang the French national anthem to you? Would a Kraut know it?


Dear Queen Mother -
Are you on crack? Are you a crack mom? Because was her name not DeW________? It was not LeW_________.


De = of in French. So she is "of the W_____s."

My mom called last night and said I sounded tired. I said I was tired. She wanted to know why. I asked if I needed a reason. She seemed to think I did. What the heck?


Well, it is about time you finally admit to being the slug I knew you to be. Still wondering when you're going to come clean about your drug habit. My vote is its' alcohol. Even the gracious Queen Mum calls to check on your sorry, lazy hind-end knowing you can't make it through a political debate.


Have so seen "Some Like It Hot" all the way. In fact, I owned it on VHS, and bought it AGAIN on DVD just so I could lay propped up on pillows in bed with a soda, a cat, and cookies, and watch it from beginning to end!

And in case you didn't know, I'm a long time expert at the unproductive day -- or, rather, recasting my day so I SOUND productive, but don't have to do anything, as in "OH, today? I groomed the cats, and I made a mental list of what we need to do in the bedroom, and I found those shoes I misplace!" (aka, I pet the cats, I took a nap, and I sat down next to the bed to pet a cat and saw my shoes).

It's all in how you present it :D


Well your mom would flip if she had me for a kid.

I am nothing if not lazy on my days off. My job is rather physically demanding and I frequently get one day off in 7, doing a stretch of 3 on one off 3 on again and I get so tired by the end of that I tell anyone who thinks I should be more productive where they can kiss me.

Having an overly clean house is bad for you, it promotes allergies. (Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch, but I can't care.)


Vaguely Urban – It is lovely. Lovely for ME. Not so great for Mom.
Autumn – Yes, she is. Quality people.
Caroline – Why didn’t you remind her you have a toddler?
Troll – I really like the way you dodged the punctuation problem with its. So many people confuse the contraction of ‘it is’ with the personal pronoun ‘its’ and erroneously put an apostrophe after the s in the personal (albeit possessive) pronoun. YOU went with sticking the apostrophe AFTER the s, in effect not just confusing the two words but making an entirely new error! Go Troll!
Sherri – Ahh…so I watched a classic black and white movie, “pressed” my sheets, and did Gary’s laundry.
Zayrina – Oh, yeah, my post-polio Mom would just HATE having a nurse for a kid. All that assistance and medical knowledge? Do I sound as sarcastic as I intend to?


Yeah, but I am a lazy nurse, surely that would let the air out of her tires.

BTW I am available for adoption.

Is there family money?


Nope. Petey DeWolfe gambled and drank all our Huguenot money away.


PooH. Well I am looking for rich parents this time, I am sure she will understand.


Now in MY life, this is called a "Jammie Day"... :)

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