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June 08, 2007



(“I don’t wan’ my bruddah comin’ oudda da john wid his stick in his hand.”) -This made me laugh out loud.

The only way to get it straight it to rent the DVDs and dedicate an entire day to it.

Make sure you have lots of good junk food.


Yep, that's what I did this weekend. I didn't watch Part 3 though. Evidently, it is a disappointment.

Hot Mom

Way back when, before Godfather 3 was released to the horror of all Godfather fans, the nice people who made Godfathers 1 and 2 decided "Hey! Since our audience is too dumb to follow the past-present switchbacks of Godfather 2, let's roll both movies into one and put it all in chronological order."

TADA! That's the movie-parts you watched.

It's much more fun to watch the two movies separately. You get a better feel for the parallism of Vito's and Michael's lives that way.

Vaguely Urban

Even with the autograph sesh, I can't believe anyone would recognize an aged, non-orange munchkin. Kudos!


Vaguely Urban, you break my heart. Munchkins, orange?

Oompa Loompa -

Munchkin -


I thought your title was funny. Yes, you saw a Munchkin today. You saw a Munchkin LIE to you today. Mickey Carroll has been lying about his career, friends, accomplishiments for years. You are just another naive one who believes his bull. He WAS a Munchkin (not the Munchkin coroner he's told people for decades), he was NOT in Our Gang shorts, he did not live with Judy Garland during filming, Ronald Reagan was not his roommate in Hollywood...and last but not least, notorious gangster Al Capone was NOT his godfather. Mickey adopted that story not long after watching "The Godfather" in the 70s because he like the movie so much and he is Italian. I'm a member of his family and I know better. Shame he has lied to so many for so long. He's a nice little guy, but his tales are TALL.

Friend #3

I won't dispute what you know as a family member, but the list of accomplishments in the original post (correct or not) were retrieved from the Internet, which is obviously, not always a reliable source for information. Still, Mr. Carroll made no such claims in person, and in fact, said he was the fiddle player, not the coroner.

We had a lovely visit with him, and he was utterly charming to my 15-month-old niece. We will have a great story and a wonderful keepsake for her when she's old enough to watch The Wizard of Oz.


I kind of like the idea of a lying Munchkin. It makes me want to start a web page titled "Muchkin Debunker!"

I did think the FDR story was a bit much, but then I thought I was just being size-ist.

I have plenty of people in my family who lie, and none of them have the added cachet of being Munchkins. Thanks for commenting, Mike!

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