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June 06, 2007



As a Frenchie, then, you have the right to not bathe as frequently but you must upgrade your "mode" accordingly. See parisbreakfasts blog where Carol goes to visit her French cousin.

And you get to wear a beret.


Yeah, you might need to rethink the marriage to the Catholic Persecutor. You might wind up burned at the stake or something...best to get out while you still can!


Was this entry supposed to be funny? I hope so, because I laughed out loud all the way through it. I might have been laughing "at" you instead of "with" you. Hope you don't mind. heehee.

Queen Mother

The Huguenot Cross shown at the tail end of the Wickipedia reference would make a lovely gift to Someone.

Marcia "Goldstein", Guest Blogger

No, you aren't a Cohen. I would sense it.


Becs – Hey! I don’t bathe frequently! Ask Marcia. I am musty. It all makes sense now.
Autumn – The Queen Mom once married a Catholic too, and that did not turn out well.
KC – I think you were laughing at Mom. She’s cool with that.
Queen Mother – Ooooh, and it’s used by Huguenots to identify each other! LIKE THE MASONS!
Marcia “Horowitz,” guest blogger – Yeah, if I were Jewish there would have been a tip-off. Oh, wait, that’s just the guys.


I keep reading this and all I can think of is "werewolf"...


I KNOW! The whole LeLoupe thing. But no, we are wolfslayers.

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