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June 16, 2007



Ellen, I love your blog! I literally LMAO every time I read it. The in-law quips are priceless. Keep 'em coming.


Gee, I would have thought them a shoo-in for a John Wayne gift set.


Laura - Hey! I know you! Or at least I know your del.icio.us link when it shows up in my stats. Glad you said Hi.Take care of your ass.
Sherri - John Wayne? Nope. Not a comic. Too much death and shooting. In fact, Wilma was concerned F-Troop might have too much violence. And guess what. The Addams Family went back based just on the amount of black clothing on the cover. I don't know how they survived my niece's Goth phase.


Sorry I haven't commented yet. I've been too busy running in circles and screaming over the fact that your in-laws consider "A Christmas Story" BORING. NOOOOOOO! It's the Best! Movie! Ever!

What we need to do is concoct a ACS drinking game in which we do shots every time someone says "Ralphie." Oh, wait - the movie's director, Bob Clark, was killed by a drunk driver in April. (Sob!) No drinking game for that movie, then.


Wow. I guess your in laws can't watch any movie filmed in black and white because of the black clothing thing...Otherwise "Holiday" would be about perfect (Hepburn and Grant, what's not to love?)


Catherine - I KNOW! Gary and I were walking out the door at Mom's years ago when we saw that for the first time. I think we sat down on the floor immediately and watched the whole thing with our coats on.
Sherri - Hah! True. I didn't think about that - why didn't Laura Petrie's black capris offend them then?

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