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June 20, 2007



Well, as long as you are grabbing your own breast and not someone elses, it probably is okay... ;)


Swedes! Mastubatory sign language! You are truly an ambassador to the world.


Am reminded of the story (probably an urban legend, closely related to the Lionel-Richie-in-Atlantic-City legend) of a friend who was traveling in Paris. She and her friend were Danish and conversing in their mother tongue. They were in the elevator going to the top of the Eiffel Tower and were discussing the handsome man in front of him.

Chick #1: God, he's good looking.
Chick #2: I wonder how long Mr. Happy is?
Chick #1: Long, I bet. And thick.
Chick #2: Those shoulders - can you imagine having those to hang onto at a crucial moment?
Chick #1: Girlfriend, I am, like, so there.

At the top of the tower, just as they were leaving, the guy turned around and said, "Thank you."


Sue - Ha! Good point. That made me laugh.
Caroline - I try, even though sometimes I confuse the International Sign for Masturbation with the International Sign for Oral Sex.
Becs - Ha - I've never heard that, so perhaps it isnt a legend. However, I have heard the Lionel Ritchie story in Atlantic City story, except it was Eddie Murphy in Las Vegas.

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