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June 09, 2007



Yeah, pretty unpopular. She's 26 years old and was crying for her mommy. What does she *do* exactly?
(Eye roll.) Be-yotch.


Sorry, I am saving my sympathy for something that actually rates it. Iraq vets, homeless people, etc.

This spoiled little bitch does not rate it. I read where she says she has learned a bitter lesson. I hope it sticks.


Well, yah, I can see the whole crying at being jerked around, but in a way I think it is a case of "goes around, comes around" because, really, how many times has she been on the handle end of the leash with some poor schmoe on the collar end?

Yeah, it's a life lesson. Those usually come with tissues. Still, I sorta agree with you, it wasn't a really good thing for the judge to do -- if nothing else, it reflects badly on the judiciary. What, was he bitter he didn't get his promised blow job?


Yeah, the fuzz kind of fucked her over by giving her a taste of freedom and then yanking her back. Still, that fairy princess is so desperately in need of some hard life experience (not to mention, hmm... a comprehension of actual consequence for illegal behavior?) that I can't help but relish the schadenfreude a little.

I will give her credit for telling her lawyers to back off now that she's back in the pokey. Maybe this time around, she actually will get the proverbial life lesson out of her exclusive Sabbatical de Twin Towers.


I agree with you. I'm not a Paris-hater (I don't waste perfectly good hatred on someone with no bearing on my life whatsoever), nor am I one to say she gets what she deserves for being a rich spoiled brat. (I blame the parents for that.) She gets what she deserves because she broke the law. The yanking around does nothing but reflect poorly on the judicial system.

Marcia "Shumacher", Guest Blogger

If anything, I feel sorry for her because her parents never instilled in her a sense of purpose or social responsibility. She has wealth and celebrity and uses neither that I can see to contribute to making this world a better place. As it is, she is a tasteless cultural ornament, and I cannot begin to fathom the value ascribed to her celebrity by this brain-dead media and the idiots who feed the frenzy (present company excepted).


My understanding for PH is limited. I do not dunk her in the milk of human kindness. She just gets a sprinkle, just because the legal system jerked her around (because this sherriff wanted to make a case about overcrowded jails).

Becs - She's a spokesmodel. She gets paid to be skinny. I have heard that is difficult.
Zayrina - Iraq, Paris, Iraq, Paris - do I really have to choose? I feel much worse for the way Iraq vets and the homeless are jerked around than how Paris is jerked around. They get much more than a sprinkle.
Sherri - I'm not so against the judge, because I think this sherriff wanted to highlight the overcrowding of the system. I like the judge for confining her, and for slapping this sherriff down for ignoring him.
Tracy27 - Well, but did she tell her lawyers to back off, or did her handlers? See? It's just a sprinkling of understanding.
Kathy - Yes, but is her sister Nikki a spoiled brat? She had the same parents. She had a flaky marriage, and she's just as rich.
Marcia "Lansky" (It's mob weekend) - Yes, where is HER noblesse oblige?

Hot Mom

Queen, comparing Paris and Nikki is like comparing my uncle and my mom.

Uncle Bob is a deer hunting, beer drinking, antiques (and broken down car) collecting, eensy-teensy town-dwelling, worked in the steel business for 40 years before retiring redneck.

My mom escaped her small town to come to here, she was cultured, classy, etc.

They were born 11 months apart and raised by the same parents in the same house. The fact that both are/were very nice people is only testiment to the fact that my grandparents were good parents.


Oh, Queen. You are such a rebel with your contrary stance. I can safely say that I have no empathy for PH at ALL.


Hot Mom - Or, you could compare me to my brother.
Catherine - Not even a sprinkle? Not even a mist? If she was Drunk and Needed a Ride Home you would shun her? Oh, so cold.

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