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June 07, 2007


Marcia "Weinberg", Guest Blogger

Ben Affleck is actually very educated on political issues and an activist. You should hear him debate on Real Time with Bill Maher. Ben is rather eloquent and not just a pretty face. :-)


Marcia "Wohlgeruch" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_surnames#Surnames

But a whole hour? That's what gets me. I think Chris has a girly crush on him.

Marcia "Einstein", Guest Blogger

No, he has crushes on Elizabeth Edwards and Claire McCaskill. The man gushes over both of them.

And it was only 45 minutes with Ben. And who would blame Chris if he had a girly crush on Ben? Ben is niiiiiiiiice. :D


I was going to write what Marcia wrote, but she beat me to it. Ben really knows his stuff. My friend went to a Real Time with Bill Maher taping in which Ben was one of the guests, and she said that seeing him in that venue totally changed her perception of him.


Oh, okay everyone. I'll stop Ben-bashing.


Can we still bash him for being a Red Sox fan?


This sounds like one of my Hubs' rants... he always gets upset when actors or actressese get political.


Caroline - Do you still hate the Sox after the humiliation of breaking the curse?
Sue - I have to say, if I suddenly became an actress I wouldn't want to hold my tongue in a political discusion. And I'd go to a rally or two, just like I do now. I'm probably being too hard on Ben.

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