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June 29, 2007



Yes. Get some betadine sscrub pads like the surgeons use; scrub for 10 minutes then rinse, then take some alcohol and wipe with that.

Of course, if the can contains botchlism you are screwed anyway. ;}

Friend #3

You've not witnessed her coffee-making behavior, have you?

She is a clean freak. I know more about her dad's tidy whiteys (sp?) than I care to know.


I do not wash my cans unless there is visible grime and/or dust on them.

Even then, I usually only do a rinse in hot water - just enough to get the dust and/or grime off the can.

Although the only time I usually open a can is if it's a can of Dr. Pepper. Cans of vegetables are too complicated, what with the can opener that makes the dog bark, the microwave that makes the dog bark, and the general living that makes the dog bark.


Call me racist, but I never wash cans if they are purchased at a normal supermarket. If the cans came from Vietnam or China or Lebanon and was bought at an international grocer, I basically run it through a carwash first.


I think Letterman said this once, but it's still true - New Yorkers will eat the most disgusting things (dirt water hot dogs, bagels slathered with cream cheese by a man who still isn't sure that running water is a good idea, etc.) but they almost always get a napkin and daintily rub away at the top of a soda can.

And btw, have you noticed at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, the person who hands you your coffee has invariably run his hands all over the top to make sure the lid is on tight?


I wash my wife's cans every now and then. ;)


Not only do I not wash my cans, I haven't washed out my can opener in about ten years. I try not to look at it too closely.
I do tend to wipe off soda cans, but only if it came from a vending machine. And probably only because I used to work for that beverage company which wants to teach the world to sing, and I know maybe a leetle too much about the process. Same reason I don't drink anything which comes from a soda fountain. Trust me, you just don't want to know.


First of all, no washie,you're dealing with a fruitcake! Secondly, I thought it was "tighty whities" and lastly, I once opened a can of Dr. Pepper that had a spider in it. I stay away from that stuff!


Washing cans is only done if there is loose and visible crud on the top that might fall in. The Mythbusters proved that shit is everywhere (in the air, on the counter, on your toothbrush) and we all manage just fine.

Yeah, I'm thinking your co-worker is part of the mass alien conspiracy to weaken the human immune system.

Vaguely Urban

I apply the top of the can to my buttcheek and give it a few twists to let whatever fabric covers said buttcheek wipe the can lid.
My mom taught me that one.


OH good Grief Vaguely Urban - that's what I do too, and I was too embarassed to say it!


Zayrina – Oh, you don’t think I should invest in an autoclave? Ok, then.
Friend #3 – I know I’ve seen her in the break room scrubbing perfectly clean counters.
Kara - That’s an excellent reason not to wash the cans: it might upset the dog. Gary uses this reasoning often. “Don’t make the bed - the dog like it this way.”
Sarah - Well, perhaps that has some basis in fact. Does the FDA have rules about cans like they have about hot dogs, i.e. only 44 parts rat hair per hot dog, etc.?
Becs - Oh, but the Starbuck’s man is so hot. He can put his hands anywhere he wants.
ajooja - Snort! Okay, let’s hear it for the man! Ajooja, I think you might be one of the few men who have commented here. And I’m pretty sure you made it here without going through a Toe Porn website first.
jenny - Okay, but all I can imagine happening at a soda bottling/canning plant is that someone might urinate on the cans. And urine, as Zayrina has taught us, is fairly sterile.
judibleu - All right! (Virtual high five.) Plus, really, spiders in Dr. Pepper? That might put Gary off the stuff.
Sherri - That’s even better. By not washing cans I am saving the health of mankind.
Vaguely Urban - Ingenious. I do that with knives.
~~Silk - Seriously, embarrassed? Here?


its not what might happen at the plant. Its all the various people who might come in contact with the can itself once its closed and shipped - loading dock guys, delivery guys, rats pooping, etc. Just because the can itself something you put your mouth on, is why I wipe it off.


Ew. I think I'll be doing that too. Perhaps I'll wipe it off with an antiseptic wipe.

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