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June 12, 2007



Um, may I suggest upping any anti-depression meds you take, because these movies (haven't seen Shampoo) are serious downers. Mix in some classic comedy as an antidote.


Well, I just looked at the AFI list of comedies and found I have seen every one except for ANY of the Charlie Chaplin movies. Hmm.


Other than 'Goodfellas', I have also seen none of those films, including 'Chinatown'. Is now a good time to start caring?


Checking back, having now looked at all ten titles. I've seen three of them (one, 'Office Space', only in the last few months).

'This Is Spinal Tap' is one of my favorite movies ever, and genre-wise seems rather out of place -- which is probably why I haven't seen all that serious stuff.


Well, it seemed to me if I'm going to kill time by being entertained, I can at least watch something really good. This follows with my plan to read only Pulitzer-prize winning fiction.

I merged the movies I hadn't seen on the AFIs best comedy list and best drama lists. I should give Spinal Tap another try, start to finish without commercials.

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