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June 27, 2007



I'm not sure I understand? A man who doesn't like big boobage? That doesn't compute. Or does he just not like other people ogling his boobalicious wife?


I love Counting Crows... dare I say, more than BNL? Went to Omaha a few years ago to see them and was not disappointed. They're coming nearby in August and I'm hoping to go... Let us know what you think!

Oh, and the boobage? Just be grateful you got some! LOL!


Jenny - yes, it is true. He also won't have sex with me if we aren't getting along. It's like he's a woman.
Sue - Hmm. I wouldn't want to think I would love CC more - wait, there's no CC cruise. No worries then.


If you really want to have some booby fun, try a corset, my partner, wearing a victorian boned one said while driving that she would have no need of air bags if in a crash (apparently having your boobs actually press up against your neck is an odd feeling - I can't say as the closest I get to her level of verticality requires padded bras and hanging upside down)


Elizabeth - there was a time when I could have rocked a corset, but now I think there might be some back fat cleavage to counter the boob cleavage. And I understand you are rocking the thong cleavage yourself.

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