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June 28, 2007



I can't help but be impressed by people who scroll past two or three pages of search engine finds. But seriously, iron lung bondage?? What the deuce?


Oh yea, I may look all sweet and innocent, but girl, have I got stories I could tell you...involving iron lungs and more.


My ex husband was into underwater bondage.

It contributed greatly to the ex part.

No kink surprises me.


Somehow? Not surprised.


Someone found me looking for "ghetto english muffins."


I'm not even going to bring up my referrals, as I've stopped looking. They scare me.


I have found, from the strange people who link to my own blog (search: dolphin orgies) that something only has to be done or invented for a short time until there will be a group of people who are sexually fetish or obsessed about it. Particularly with medical/body devices - while for instance the "sports glasses strap" was the bane of my high school sports life (nothing says sexy like big black strap across the back o the head), I am sure they would now sell for big money on ebay to exotic foriegn lands.


Don't 'cha just wish you had that kind of free time on your hands?


Rachelskirts – I … know … Maybe someone really liked being in the iron lung? Or maybe there’s a whole category of medical equipment bondage.
Becs – I believe you! You have depths no one has plumbed!
Zayrina – Oh, god, I am so sorry. I mean, that has getting your head underwater, water up your nose, and if the water is chlorinated like the hard water like we have here in St. Louis, squeaky squeaky sex.
sue – I thought nothing could surprise me, but…
Kathy – Ha! I love that idea. Would those be maybe battered and deep-friend English muffins?
Sherri – After reading your blog today I would say you are primed for the “bruised cramped cream whimpering” hits.
elizabeth – Well, come on! “Strap?” That word is hawt!
Connie – I kind of do… I ran through some of my own searches, and nothing sounded even remotely dirty, though, except maybe for “Can I use my power washer to clean my shower”

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