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June 13, 2007



Well, congratulations! And have a happy whatever.


I remember the great China celebration on the 20th. What are you planning for 3 years from now?

And Happy Anniversary!


Happy 20-whatever anniversary! Hubby and I celebrated our 20th last March. He never forgets the date because it's the day after my birthday, which he better not forget.


Isn't Bastille Day or something coming up? Or maybe that's July. Copycat frogs.

Congratulations! I'm sure you just haven't looked for enough presents charts.


See? Right there? Copper! You could get off the hook for one red cent.

If they hadn't had that, I was going to suggest peanut butter. I've got some I'm trying to unload.


Happy anniversary! And, don't feel bad...my husband and I forget our anniversary just about every year.


I think the modern present is the warehouse store sized bottles of ginko biloba.


Hey, it's my parents' anniversary tomorrow too. And Flag Day! So, um, maybe get each other flags? They're useful for plenty of things... claiming the land of other nations, protest pyrotechnics, emergency picnic seating, etc.


~~Silk – Enh. It was fairly happy. We went out for lunch. At night we watched his boyfriend Chris.
Caroline – Well, if there is a single silver serving piece I don’t have I suppose I’ll get it.
KC – Did you eat Chinese food on your 20th? It’s the China anniversary, you know.
TasterSpoon – Not if it’s squeeze packs. Only if it’s Peter Pan creamy. That’s his favorite and it still isn’t back on the shelves after the recall.
Melissa – Well, good. Gary’s parents celebrate theirs every year. I think it’s the only holiday they celebrate on the actual correct day.
Sherri – Ha! Sigh. Yes.
Tracy27 – Oooooh! Emergency picnic seating! Or, perhaps it would make a good headscarf for the Muslim wedding I’m attending in August.

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