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June 20, 2007


Vaguely Urban

That sounds like a legendary show. I'm glad you get to see so many that you can spare some enjoyment for a silly one.

Btw, thanks to you, I busted out all my BNL CDs. Like finding some old friends on MySpace.



I'm dreadfully jealous. Now I want to not only attend a BNL concert, but do so with you.

I'd still pay for a weekend of sweaty hot motel monkey sex with Steve.


I love BNL so much it's almost felonious. Damn, they need to come back to Indy.


Great summary of the concert! If only I could have gone to all four this summer, instead of just the one at Buffalo. Oh well...


Sounds like a great time. No BNL shows for me until the cruise. Dang it.


My favorite shows are the ones where they can't get their shit together.

Some Fantastic seems to cause them issues regularly - check out I think it's the 2005 Buffalo Holiday show for the best Some Fantastic ever.


Too cool! Thanks for the pics... and the "blow by blow". Sounds like it was terrific. I love when mistakes are made and they own up to 'em... makes them even more likable.


Much wuv for da photos! You have a great face, ya know?


Thanks for that. You just made my night.


Vaguely - do you have the new CDs? Or better yet, go to Amazon and hunt down one of their B-sides, "She's On Time." Never been on an album. Hysterical.
Jammies - I am going to work "sweaty hot motel monkey sex" into all my conversations whenever possible, if it's okay with you.(Sweaty hot motel monkey sex. Sweaty hot motel monkey sex.)
Angie - Yeah! I could drive to Indy.
Laurel - But, you got the one in Buffalo. Was that ArtPark? Or do you mean the Jackson-Triggs (?) one that Steve is doing solo by the falls?
Melissa - yeah, but the cruise is so great ... stop, we're making people jealous.
Emma - ha! That one is on my iPod already. Each time they goof up Some Fantastic I want to yell out "I want a proper song!"
Sue - I wish there were more performers like them, especially ones that enjoy their jobs. The last few non-BNL acts I've seen the performer grouches about the sound, or the venue, or whatever - it just ruins it for me.
Sherri - Uh, you didn't see the photos I deleted....
Erin - Good! Even more reason to go to BNL concerts or the solo concert in Niagra ... that might be all it takes to convince me.


We can't always love our jobs, but yeah, it is so nice when a band looks like they're having fun. Thanks for sharing! Btw, the photos are awesome. What kind of camera gave you those nice telephoto shots??


It's sitting right here, so I'll just give you all the words and numbers on it.
Olympus SP-55OUZ 18 x optical zoom Image stabilization. Oh, and 7.1 megapixel.

I dunno. I like to watch a concert, and evidently Gary likes to hear it while taking photos.


Oh, LAUREL! It's You! Sorry, it took me a few days. Hey, everybody, it's Really_mzungu from the cruise. Say hi.

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