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June 11, 2007


Marcia "Steinberg", Guest Blogger

Frank Zappa, a terrorist? But he's DEAD!


That's no terrorist! That's my neighbor Bobby, with the souped up Camero, who screams "Freebird" during the bridge of EVERY SINGLE Lynyrd Skynyrd song!!


I think they could charge him with possession of a mullet. That's gotta be worth 5 years.

Have you seen that guy that works somewhere around here with the crew cut on top and the 2 ft long hair in back? *shudder*


Mullets = terrorists?

Ya know, I seem to remember that in war, enemy combatants are "prisoners of war" when you catch them, and they have protections and rights and all kinds of stuff like that. If they aren't prisoners of war, then they are under that "innocent until proven guilty" thing, or someone fesses up to being above, outside, or better than the laws supposedly being protected.

I think the CIA MADE him wear a mullet. It's a form of torture!

Marcia "Stein", Guest Blogger

Heh! Must be one of those "enhanced interrogation techniques" I've heard tell about.


Marcia “GuestBloggerberg” – Business in the front, jihad in the back, Zappa under the nose.
Christy – Freeeeeeeeebird! Booooooobby! Marcia “Skynardstein” sang that once while I played the guitar.
Caroline – Ew. No. But I don’t make eye contact at work.
Sherri – Oh, like the Geneva Convention? No. Evidently everybody else has to follow that, just not us. Ugh. I want to see Cheney in a mullet.
Marcia “EnoughAlreadystein” – Oooo. Not – not – the mullet! The mullet AND the comfy chair!

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