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June 15, 2007



Just a difference in style. Having cats means we rarely have to kill bugs (but we often have to clean up parts). However, my husband does not usually call me to witness to removal of hairballs.

If *I* have to kill a bug, I don't WANT any witnesses, because I am an absolute idiot and will most likely do some highly embarrassing high pitched squealing while I work up my nerve. I would prefer no one else saw that.


Yeah, I usually just go get a cat and plunk it down in front of the bug. You've got dogs; put them to work!!


Sherri, Melissa - Dogs are not killers. Dogs are barkers. We would have a dog barking "My god! There's a bug here! Get in here and kill this bug!"

Sad, but true.


I cannot kill a bug with tissue in my hand, because - WHAT IF I MISS AND IT RUNS UP MY ARM!

It must be stepped on with a foot, even if it's 4 feet up the wall. Any higher, and I call for reinforcements.


Taster - Oh, well, I just put my entire body weight behind crushing it, then I flatten my palm and grind the bug into the wall. Then I quickly check to be sure it's dead. Bugs rarely survive 200 pounds of pressure focused on their exoskeletons.

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