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June 26, 2007



So why did you stop with just one CD? You know they sell all kinds of wonderful stuff on Amazon. Heh heh.


LOVE it!


All hail to the Queen!


Brat. Both of you, brats.


Oooo... payback's a bitch.


The "suck my balls" part is the best!

It's Not Easy Being Green

You are too much!!!


Does Gary really not know his mom's birthday? I think you should buy something on her behalf, too!


Becs – Hmmm. That is a slippery slope. I felt the offense only merited a CD.
Angie – Aww, quit it.
Autumn – No, seriously, quit it.
Troll – Yeah! That’s more like it.
sue – Neh, it was only about 18 bucks. And, he gets to listen to the Guster CD.
Faythe – Faythe! SuckMahBallz!
It's Not Easy Being Green – Hey! Hi! I’ve been to your site, and so has my Mom.So cool.
Tracy27 – Well…to be fair, they never ever celebrate a birthday on the day of the birth. AND to be fair, his Mom was unclear on his birthday for years (see:
-yeah, all true.)


Seriously, though, if I ever get married, that's what it's going to be like. I tell normal people to suck my balls constantly, why would I not tell my husband that?


Yeah, all he does is throw his arms in the air, shout "Fine! DO WHAT YOU WANT! You always do anyway..." Not so bad, really.


That was pretty damn funny! I need to get my spouse to read my blog just to do the same thing.


Dusio - (Hi!) Boy, my husband wouldn't read it for the longest time, either. Do they not know the power we hold?

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