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May 17, 2007



Well, if you didn't have top Google ranking for "spunky labia" before, you certainly will after this post. Not to mention "Pansy Hillcroft". Outstanding porn name.


Does anyone even use the word "spunky" anymore...?


This is to be one of your best posts Miss Spunky Labia.

Semi-related: last night I saw "Knocked Up." They show 3 shots of the baby crowning. That's what I said. 3.Shots.Of.The.Baby.Crowning. Talk about your spunky labias.


Those English professors are always funky. I had one who told us he gave points for Chutzpah in some answers, so once, for a particularly annoying essay question, I simply wrote, "Neil, please put the crackpipe down."

He gave me 3/5 pts.


Also? I'm Overbrook Sunshine, thank you very much.


Using your rules of porn name creation, I would be Trouble East-Warren. Trouble is a bit spunky and dare I say it, racey. But East-Warren sounds a bit posh. It doesn't roll trippingly off the tongue. I like your name better.


I am in such a serious state of jealous over this professor. Also, being called Spunky. :)


I am in such a serious state of jealous over this professor. Also, being called Spunky. :)


Pepper Sharon here, which sounds like someone trying to be cool by reversing her names, but actually is my first pet/first street combo.

And I too had an eccentric British professor of English Lit. Great guy, even when he was sober.


I can't (thankfully) comment on your labia, but I can vouch for your spunk.

Friend #3

I hope you know what 'spunk' means in porn terminology.


I did my junior year in England. Where I lived was about a two mile walk from class, across "the Downs," a big, grassy, often foggy field.

I woke up late, BOOKED it across that field and plopped into my chair, bathed in sweat, embarrassed of my stink.

"Oh, look at you," said the young lad sitting across from me, dreamily. "You're all dewy! You must have slept out last night!"

I've liked those people ever since.

Ginger Wildwood


Sgazzetti - Whoo! Whooooo! I'm the Top Spunky!
sue - you bet, Brenda (aka Surprising Woman does) "Ginger Rogers: cute, spunky and a great dancer."
Autumn - Gahhhh!
Jenny - Overbrook? You had a pet named Overbrook and lived on a street named sunshine? But think - Sunshine Overbrook! That paints a picture! Your middle name could be Bubbling.
KC - Starring in "They Call Me Trouble..."
Angie - yeah, but my college was nothing to be jealous of. Don't know what Angus was doing at UMSL, which is a commuter college even though it's a state university.
Jammies - Angus may have been drunk the whole time. We couldn't tell if he slurred his speech because it took so much effort to understand him. You know how it takes a while to get into the accents on BBC? That took up the first half hour of every class.
Caroline - oh, they are spunky, I tell you.
Friend #3 - Gasp! NO! I am SHOCKED! And Ginger Rogers was spunky?
Taster - I'd rather be dewey than spunky. Especially now, after what Friend #3 said.

Friend #3

Perhaps she earned the description 'Spunky' because Fred Astaire did a little more than dance with her. (Pardon my French.)


hey I'm jonisjackingoff & you should follow me on twitter.


3 - Man, I never replied to that? It's been hanging out there since '07
Jon(isjackingOff) - I thought about it Jon, and on checking your twitter feed, I don't think Spunky is your type of girl. She does not wear underwear. I don't think you would meet each other's needs.


That's cool, I'd lick her pussy directly!


Jon(isjackingOff) - Spunky doesn't go that far. She only goes as far as the toes.

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